Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We just wanna say thanks to our new friend, Jalna, for everything. The beautiful photos she had taken of our family and friends will be cherished forever. She also introduced us to get on to this blogger and we're giving it a shot. I think we're gonna have fun on this site. Thank you Jalna!


  1. You're sooooo welcome. It is really a pleasure knowing you and your family. I hope to be able to do more photos of you folks. Have fun with this blog. I think you should create another one called "Artful Joy Crafts"!

  2. thanks Jalna I think I just might do that.

  3. Hey u guys~
    Jus heard of this web page and thought I'd write a few notes/comments on ur work.
    To everyone who will read this, believe me, DA TRIGGAMAN is awesome, he has done several airbrush pieces for our ohana, the last one, being a graduation poster, which came out to be so PERFECT! Nothing bad to say about DA TRIGGAMAN, he's an awesome artist and a good man, very honest and trusting. You will be getting your money worth with him.